Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dragonfly Stamp - Spectrum Noir Pencils

Spectrum Noir Pencils and Dragonfly Stamp

They day has come!! I have my hands on them finally....Spectrum Noir Pencils

I stamped out the Dragonfly stamp from Woodware and coloured the back ground in the lightest of the colours first.


Always work light to dark with pencils.
I added glitter for the body to cover a bit of shading that I wasn't happy with or we could say to give it extra dimension. 

I'm not really into making my bits into cards but I felt compelled.....

I still feel like it's missing something but I'm going to ponder that another day. 

Overall thoughts of the Spectrum Noir Pencils - I'm convinced! They blend super easy and I've been told by Gwynie one of our customers that the results look amazing over the Spectrum Noir pens!! (Some thing to blog about another day!) 

Last note - on the Spectrum Noir website there are downloads, top tips and tutorials.

Jody x 

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